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Technical maintenance services (MRO/CAMO)

High-standard technical service and maintenance

At St Barth Executive, safety is our number one priority which means the most stringent maintenance is paramount. Our team of seasoned and dedicated professionals is composed of B1/B2 mechanical, electrical and avionics specialists who also service other commercial airlines. Highly-skilled in their operating environment, they master the local AOG supply management, the tropical conditions and the technical specificities of maintenance in a severe salt water environment. We strive to provide our clients with impeccable 24/7 service and will take exceptional care of your aircraft, whether you need minor or major repairs.

Pilatus PC-12 aircraft from St Barth Executive

St Barth Executive operates an advanced aircraft maintenance station, more specifically a Pilatus PC-12 Satellite Center. Let your EASA Part 145 be our mission, as all your avionics repairs. And when it comes to spare parts, just lean on us: we’re authorized dealers for most aircraft parts. Confronting an AOG situation in the Caribbean? We’ll figure it out. Our mobile maintenance team is equipped with the most recent tools, computers and a comprehensive 2018 test platform.

This commitment to safety has led us to become a Pilatus Certified Service Center for the Caribbean.

Our knowledgeable technicians are specifically trained in Switzerland at the Pilatus factory, along with our partners EPPS Aviation, Pilatus USA and Honeywell USA. Some of them have worked on Pratt & Whitney engines for over 15 years.

At our Pilatus PC-12 Satellite Center, we provide the following maintenance and recovery services:

  • Planned maintenance (all checks)
  • Line maintenance
  • Repair station and trouble shooting systems, including APEX avionics
  • All servicing (oxygen, fluids, tires, etc.)
  • Authorized Pilatus and Honeywell parts dealer and installer (including parts under warranty), also for AOG parts with Pilatus rates
  • Mobile AOG team responding all over the Caribbean (including Cuba and French Guiana) with a fully-functional workshop, time-saving tools, diagnostic equipment and parts.

At St Barth Executive, we provide bespoke solutions for EASA aircrafts: from global operational management to continuing airworthiness monitoring and certificate (Part M/G+I), EASA maintenance program creation and certification and fleet list operations.

Our commitment to excellence in aircraft management is unparalleled. We go beyond conventional services, delving into the intricacies of regulatory compliance and technical expertise. St Barth Executive is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of the aviation industry.

In the realm of global operational management, we optimize every aspect of your aircraft’s performance. Our tailored solutions ensure seamless operations, from flight planning to ground handling, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Continuing airworthiness monitoring is at the heart of our operations. We employ advanced technologies and industry best practices to ensure your aircraft meets and exceeds airworthiness standards. Our team of experts conducts rigorous inspections, preventive maintenance, and real-time monitoring, providing you with the confidence that your aircraft is always in peak condition.

Certification under Part M/G+I is a meticulous process, and our seasoned professionals navigate it with precision. We streamline the certification process, ensuring compliance with EASA regulations and international standards. Your aircraft’s certification is not just a paperwork exercise; it’s a testament to our dedication to safety and compliance.

St Barth Executive offers quality 24/7 fixed-base operator services based in Guadeloupe (TFFR/PTP) with our partner Caraibes Handling. With its 10,266-ft runway, it is the last Caribbean uncongested, uncrowded platform even during the high season. Its convenient central position in the Caribbean (35 minutes from St Barts, 45 minutes from Mustique) make it a top choice for crews, with great value accommodations and activities. Simply the best base for your jet and passenger transfers to the most upscale and exclusive islands in the Lesser Antilles, with all the benefits of our new Executive PC-12 NGs.

Beyond its strategic location, this FBO hub offers more than just a gateway; it serves as the perfect launchpad for seamless jet and passenger transfers to the most upscale and exclusive islands in the Lesser Antilles. Benefit from the unmatched advantages of our new Executive PC-12 NGs, ensuring swift and luxurious travel experiences.

As crews touchdown, they find not just a transit point but a haven of value accommodations and activities. This FBO facility is more than a service—it’s a comprehensive experience.

Furthermore, and in order to control all safety aspects, St Barth Executive has:

  • two maintenance bases equipped with hangars and heavy tooling in PTP (Guadeloupe) and SFG (Saint Martin)
  • a maintenance line in SBH (St Barth)
  • three engineers for all basic tasks such as rinsing, engine and aircraft cleaning, and resolving observed malfunctions