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Emmanuel Jacques, defending a certain lifestyle

Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino is an international business law firm based in St. Barts, dealing with cases all over the world. For Away, his founder Emmanuel Jacques shares what it means to be wholeheartedly committed to his clients.

What is it like to live and work in St. Barts as an attorney?

St. Barts lies very centrally between North America and Europe, which allows us to work simultaneously with the East Coast during the day while being available for our European clients in the morning. It is amazing to be able to reach New York City in only six hours and Paris and Amsterdam in eight. From St. Barts, one achieves a more objective perspective on the world because of our autonomy. You find your mind running free and independently. In another words, it changes you as citizen of the world.

What is the difference between EJA’s services and other law firms in St. Barts/St. Martin?

First, EJA focuses on investment advisory, corporate structuring, business negotiations and cross-border transactions. Secondly, EJA handles only complex cases related to the areas previously mentioned. We are an expert firm that deals with all kinds of negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations.
Should anyone need our assistance on matters we do not work on, we recommend other law firms. In this way, we constantly improve our expertise and the service that our clients deserve. We hold a unique position which allows us to support the excellence of our services.

How does your entrepreneurial spirit help you evolve in your professional practice as an attorney?

I have been studying all my life so now, after thirty years of practice and learning, I am able to consider not only the legal aspect of a transaction or a case, but its financial, managerial, and technical dimensions as well. This global strategic view is a key factor of success in a negotiation as well as securing the transaction. In fact, having in mind this 360-degree view of business is exactly what makes you stronger when defending someone’s interests. My advice is fully reliable because it encompasses the legal dimension, all the aspects of an industry and its business dynamics and their legal consequences.

What makes the St. Barts’ real estate market so special?

St. Barts represents the French way of life in the Caribbean, not only for its preserved environment, the kindness of its population and its high level of safety which has made its reputation worldwide, but also for the many talents from France that have contributed to make the visitors’ experience close to perfection. Nowhere else in the world can we feel this perfection brought to St. Barts’ visitors.

For high-net-worth clients, having one trusted advisor for all legal aspects of their projects is a huge relief, how do you make that possible?

Working for high-net-worth clients represents a lifelong dedication, which means being always available no matter the day or the hour and understanding−even anticipating−my clients’ needs and opinions immediately. Because the most precious resource for high-net-worth individuals is time, I must always deliver a clear and precise information no matter what circumstances come my way. Finally, I must be flexible about the location of my meetings in order to accommodate their extremely busy travel schedules. St. Barts allows me to meet with them very quickly wherever they are in the world.

What does reliability mean to you?

A reliable adviser is an adviser who puts his clients’ interests before his own. It is also someone who can share confidential information and never betray it. Finally, he is a friend who understands others without judging them.