Our Core Team

Practice makes perfect, right ? St Barth Executive believes there are a few classical recipes that simply don’t need to be changed, like combining excellence and expertise. On top of the latest and most demanding qualifications, our staff takes pride in years and years of thorough critical experience.

Franck Henaff

Chief Pilot

Franck has started his career in the French Navy as a flight engineer before qualifying as a Captain on the Beechcraft 200 and the Falcon 10, 2000, 7X, 8X,900 EX, 900 Easy. He has over 18 years as a certified pilot and nearly 10,000 flying hours. With a major experience in the private jet industry and his NAT-HLA, RVSM, PBN, LPV, CPDLC, LVP, CAT2, RAAS, EVS, HUD, Dangerous Goods, MEDAIR, CRM, Special Airport and Steep Approach Qualifications, Franck is a top-tier professional.

Sylvain Collet

Head of Crew Training

One of the most experienced instructors (FI, IRI, IFI) and Senior Examiners in France (FE, IRE, IFE), Sylvain Collet knows what highly-trained means. A CPL*, IRP* and MCC*-certified Pilot, Sylvain has accumulated nearly 15,000 hours flying time, including 14,300 as a Captain, 5,700 hours as an IFR pilot, 6,100 hours on multi-engine aircrafts and 1,200 hours on single- engine turbine: TBM & Cessna Caravan 208.

*Commercial Pilot License/ Instrument Rating Pilot / Multicrew Co-operation Pilot

Vincent Beauvarlet

CEO and Director of Operations

Vincent Beauvarlet joined St Barth Executive after over ten years of experience in aviation and 4,000 flying hours as a captain, flight instructor and flight examiner. As a French national sailing champion and world vice champion, Vincent understands the word challenge from within and what it takes to aim for perfection, to till every square inch in a constant effort to reach and keep the number one position. With a high team spirit and a strong appetite for hard-work and perfectionism, Vincent is responsible for the strategic direction and management of St Barth Executive.

Georges Abraham

Head of Safety Management and Captain

At St Barth Executive, safety comes first, no matter what, and choosing Georges, a highly- qualified and trained Safety Manager, was no head-scratching decision. With over 3,500 flying hours as a Captain, Georges is a flight instructor and examiner. In charge of the regulatory compliance and the Safety Management System, he’s certified on TBM & Cessna Caravan 208. Prior to aviation, George was a successful entrepreneur.

Roger Lecourt

Director of Airworthiness

Now Director of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) at ST BARTH EXECUTIVE, Roger has worked many years for the French Civil Aviation Security as Inspector in charge of CAMO and Part 145/Part M organizations, ARC renewal, aircraft import/export and EASA Maintenance Program Approval.

General Familiarization: B757 / B767 – B747 – ERJ135/145 – Dassault Falcon family – Helicopters.
Regulation training: Part M, Part 145, Part 21, CDCCL, EWISS, SGS, FAR 145, Human Factors, Quality.

St Barth Executive is a subsidiary of LORET, France Overseas Leader in the distribution of brands and services

Our certifications

AOC n°AOC.FRA.0129

Continuing Airworthiness Organization : EASA Part M n° FR.MG.0173
Maintenance Organization Approvals : EASA Part 145 n° FR.145.0701

Authorities site : Osac, French Civil Aviation
We are a non scheduled Charter VIP/ Executive / Air ambulance company certified by French Civil Aviation under European (EASA) Rules